Farsana Poovathumveettil


Consulting Psychologist

Farsana Poovathumveettil is a consulting psychologist with a Master’s degree in Psychology from Bangalore City University and holds an Internationally Accredited certification in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She is trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy
under Dr. Jaseem Koorankot (Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist) and Psychotherapy under ATMARA Centre for Counseling, Psychotherapy, and life skill training. She has done certification in Neuropsychology under Dr. Gopakumar Pillai – Consultant neuropsychologist, at Bangalore Neuro center.

She has experience as an intern at different organizations including a child development center, psychiatric hospital, mental health clinic, and counseling center. She is also passionate about the field of research and presented papers at various International Conferences. Farsana has an interest in working with children and adults to address various issues including behavioral issues, mood disorders, personality problems, substance abuse, relationship issues, and traumas. She is passionate about assisting adults who are dealing with certain mental health challenges by providing a non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard, genuine, empathetic and comfortable space for the clients to open up about their concerns maintaining the professional codes of conduct

Telephonic Appointment

+91 77363 95444

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