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Akhilu Thomas

Managing Director
Counselling Psychologist and life coach

Mrs. Akhilu Thomas (MSc, MPhil Counselling Psychology) is a dedicated, enthusiastic and vibrant Counselling Psychologist with vast experience providing clients with innovative treatment to navigate psychological difficulties. She is committed to serve as a personal life
coach for her clients. She had her M.Phil. Counselling Psychology degree from Avinashilingam Institute with distinction and completed her BA and MSC in Psychology from Union Christian College, Aluva. She specializes in Relationship Counselling, Antenatal and Postnatal
Counselling, children and adolescent issues and parenting. She offers training for value added education for children, conducting workshops for students, professionals and parents on various topics related to mental health. She is a person who prefer to focus on the preventive
mode as she believes that prevention is better than cure and lot of psychological distress can prevent if early identified and provide effective psychoeducation and interventions. According to her, the role of psychologist is to help people learn effective coping, problem solving and
decision making skills by addressing their unique aspects of life and help them to become the master of their life than dwelling on their problems and distress.


Life will always have ups and downs. It is her passion to help people to improve their wellbeing and prevent them from mental health issues by helping them learn how to bounce back and develop confidence and self-esteem. She helps you to chase your aspirations and dreams
through the effective coping with anxiety, stress and disappointments. She likes to help you recognize your true value and potential and improve your internal beauty.


Akhilu has over 9 years of experience as psychologist. She is working as a faculty of Kerala Government Minority Department and had worked as the the Guest Faculty of Psychological Medicine and Law at NUALS, Kochi from 2021 to 2023. She offers counselling services for
the victims of government care homes. She worked as a consultant psychologist with Nirbhaya Cell Ernakulum district, for sexually abused children. Apart from this she had previous experiences as Psychologist at Seethalayam project of Homeopathic Department, and Vimukthi
project of Excise Department of Kerala state. She had previous experience as Psychologist at corporate sector and she associated with many online platforms for helping the needy. She handles more than 1000+ training programme on various topics pertaining to mental health.

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+91 77363 95444

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