Jesmiya Basheer


Consulting Psychologist

Jesmiya Basheer is an experienced, very dedicated and passionate consultant psychologist with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, have an International certification in cognitive behavioral therapy certified by IGCLC. She has an accredited certification in Solution Focused Brief Therapy Psychologist. Jesmiya is approachable, encouraging, and invested in your success and your Mental Health. She assures you of a non-judgmental attitude and professional strategies for effective solutions using cogintive behavior therapy and solution focused brief therapy with great experience working with children, adolescents and helped them to overcome their mental stress. Jesmiya is highly able to empathize her clients and focus on their feelings and concentrate on their needs.

She is a best option to help you improve your problem-solving abilities by making you consider new strategies and introduce creative ways of thinking. As a Psychologist, she is really skilled to listen and offer insight into the reasons behind the issues and the background of the problems in order to drive action and bring about positive changes in a client’s life.

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