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While stress is a normal part of life and in some cases even manageable without the need for professional assistance, this may not always be the case.you consider a time to see a therapist when this distress interferes with some part of life, caused your quality of life to decrease, The issue has negatively affected school, work, or relationships.


Everyone feels low and depressed every now and then.If your depressed mood lasts for more than two weeks, or is seriously interfering with your ability to function at work, with your family, and in your social life, or is causing you to contemplate or plan to commit suicide, it would be a very good idea for you to consult with a mental health professional as soon as possible.


No matter what type of anxiety disorder you have, anxiety can imprison you in a world of irrational fear, void of hope, and full of a sense of impending doom. Although everyone experiences stress and anxiety to some degree, it’s time to seek professional help when your anxiety Interferes with personal or professional relationships, Creates persistent sleep issues, Affects your ability to concentrate, Stops you from doing the things you enjoy, Fosters a sense of self-loathing or a feeling of worthlessness, Isolates you from others,Causes you to have suicidal thoughts.

Trauma counselling

Trauma counseling is a form of counseling that can help you deal with the emotional response caused by a traumatic event.Over 50% of people experience at least one trauma in their lives.While not all trauma survivors experience long-term negative consequences, we know that the experience of trauma can profoundly affect someone’s psychological, social, physical, occupational, and financial functioning.This form of counseling can help you if you are unable to cope with the trauma you experienced, or if it’s affecting your ability to function.Trauma counseling can help you cope with trauma, whether it’s caused by a one-time event, or an ongoing or long-lasting situation.

Chronic illness

it is common to feel sad or discouraged after diagnosed a chronic illness.you may be facing new limits on what you can do and may feel stressed or concerned about treatmentoutcomes and future.it amy be hard to adapt to a new reality and to cope with the changes and ongoing treatment thet come with the diagnosis.communicating with a mental health trainer can improve and help you both make good choices about your mental health.Your individual counsellor can help you deal with the stress ,pain,and fatigue that may accompany your illness.

Personal development

For a busy person, personal development may involve spending time doing activities to refresh and replenish their energy, to feel alive again instead of feeling the sense of doom that comes from rushing to meet deadlines and demands. For example, it could mean to start spending time in nature, doing exercise, meditation and finding time to see friends. The goals for personal development are usually related to Mental health (i.e.: depression, anxiety, anger) ,Career: a sense of dissatisfaction related to current status in one’s own career ,Personal Relationships: friendships and romantic ,Family relationships ,Self- esteem/Self-confidence ,Education: desire to get a degree or change program ,Health/Exercise/Nutrition.

Crisis Management

Crisis intervention counselors support people dealing with critical life issues, such as the aftermath of natural disasters or acute mental health issues that may lead to self-harm. Their counselling differs from other forms of counseling by focusing on delivering short-term treatment to resolve crises immediately. The counselor is responsible for understanding the effects of trauma and are able to use counseling skills in a crisis situation.

Financial counselling

Financial counselors help individuals and families develop financial literacy skills and establish good financial habits. They offer a broad range of services and might help you tackle an immediate financial crisis, build savings; they are personal finance experts who help clients manage their money more effectively and responsibly. They often provide education and guidance on topics relevant to lower-income households, such as saving, budgeting, paying off debt, managing credit, and realizing financial goals

Social skill development

Social skills are essential in building both personal and professional relationships. Social skills are one of the foundations of employability and life success. Developing social skills is about being aware of emotions and communication patterns and using them effectively in different situations with people like conflict resolution, listening, responsibility, confidence ,clear communication, nonverbal communication, cooperation, networking etc

Career counselling

Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisionsCareer development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate. It really is a lifelong process, meaning that throughout your life you will change, situations will change, and you will continually have to make career and life decisions. The goal of Career Counseling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions.

Elderly counselling

This counselling offers assistance for older adults to cope with the difficulties that they may experience in their transition periods from middle to older years,and help elderly people who deal with the transitions of aging handle their emotions by fighting depression caused due to illness, loneliness, death of the spouse or family member, isolation, dependency, and anxiety. Geriatric counselors recognize the illness and provide proper counseling to assist them in developing positive mental health and well-being, thus restoring their self-confidence and independence.

Sex counselling

It is natural and healthy to have a fulfilling sex life. Your well-being depends on your ability to have emotional and physical intimacy. It can be hard to have a fulfilling sex life when sexual dysfunction is present. Sex therapy might be able to help you to reframe your sexual problems and increase your sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy is not just about helping couples or individuals with their sexual dysfunction but also improving their enjoyment, skill, and confidence in their sexual experiences.

Couple and marriage

couple counselling involves exploration of any conflicts between the partners, is often short term, and focuses on specific problems, helps to improve crisis intervention, communication and interactions and to strengthen relationships

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